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Duplicate 'Activated with RunID' message in the AE logs


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We see duplicate entries in AE logs, notably two activation message entries for the same job but different log times.:

20210805/165404.306 - U00007000 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' activated with RunID '0001002003'.
20210805/165404.341 - U00011824 Cache for 'HACL' successfully initialized. Length = '227196224'
20210805/165409.403 - U00007000 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' activated with RunID '0001002004'.
20210805/165409.408 - U00007000 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' activated with RunID '0001002003'.
20210805/165409.489 - U00011020 'UNIX01' is reporting job status 'R' for job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' (RunID '0001002004'). Job-status number: ' 0000000001' DB: ' 0000000000'
20210805/165414.504 - U00011020 'UNIX01' is reporting job status 'E' for job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' (RunID '0001002004'). Job-status number: ' 0000000002' DB: ' 0000000001'
20210805/165414.513 - U00011002 Job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' (RunID '0001002004') on Host 'UNIX01' ended normally. Remote ID=8160 
20210805/165414.517 - U00011339 AgentGroup (RunID '0001002003') for Task 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.1' ended normally.
20210805/165414.524 - U00011502 Workflow 'JOBP.NEW.1' (RunID '0001002002') ended normally.


By design


Release : 12.3



The duplicate messages are by design and are related to the Hostgroup calculation.

This happens for the execution of a HOSTG when the Task is not generated at the same time as the workflow (Generate at Runtime).

When you set "Generate at Start time" the message is displayed only once, but of course the behavior of the Task may be different as it is completely generated during Workflow start time. This especially affect the HOSTG calculation so it is not recommended to change this.

In the case of "Generate at Runtime" the same transaction is running twice. The first time only the RunID is generated, but no JCL, the second time (at runtime) the JCL is generated. Each time the same message is displayed in the log.