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What are the event codes for the port/interface thresholds?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We enabled the port/interface thresholds and we want to generate a Critical alarm instead of a Minor alarm.

What are the event codes for the port/interface thresholds?


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


Here are the list of the event codes generated by the Ports/Interface Thresholds:

% Total Utilization - Event Code: 0x11337 - Cause Code: 0x1000f - Alarm Title: TOTAL LOAD THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Inbound Utilization - Event Code: 0x1133b - Cause Code: 0x10e03 - Alarm Title: IN LOAD THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Outbound Utilization - Event Code: 0x1133c - Cause Code: 0x10e04 - Alarm Title: OUT LOAD THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
Total Packet Rate - Event Code: 0x11338 - Cause Code: 0x10010 - Alarm Title: PACKET RATE THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Total Errors - Event Code: 0x11339 - Cause Code: 0x220004 - Alarm Title: PERCENT ERRORS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% In Errors - Event Code: 0x1133d - Cause Code: 0x10e08 - Alarm Title: PERCENT IN ERRORS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Out Errors - Event Code: 0x1133e - Cause Code: 0x10e09 - Alarm Title: PERCENT OUT ERRORS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Total Discarded - Event Code: 0x1133a - Cause Code: 0x220005 - Alarm Title: PERCENT DISCARDS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% In Discarded - Event Code: 0x1133f - Cause Code: 0x10e0a - Alarm Title: PERCENT IN DISCARDS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
% Out Discarded - Event Code: 0x11343 - Cause Code: 0x10e0b - Alarm Title: PERCENT OUT DISCARDS THRESHOLD EXCEEDED