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ArvotAFMWizard fails to create profile - gives error - Some exception occurred while creating file


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


When Arcot AFM Wizard is run to create a new profile, the error below is encountered when initiating the save of the created profile.

"some exception occured while creating file

The failing screen would look like this



The new profile related properties file say that is to be created or updated in <ARCOT_HOME>/conf/afm cannot be correctly saved in  <ARCOT_HOME>/conf/afm.

Since ArcotAFMWizard processing is accomplished via a JSP file like wizard9.jsp (for example http://localhost8080/ArcotAFMWizard/wizard9.jsp) and the webapplication ArcotAFMWizard is deployed in an application server such as Tomcat, this issue is due to a lack of full permissions for the Tomcat owner process to write to location <ARCOT_HOME/conf/afm.


Release : 9.1

Component :


Ensure the Windows Account used to start the Tomcat Apllication server is provided full permissions to Read/Write to <ARCOT_HOME>/conf/afm

Additional Information

When successful one should not see the error and the file is created or updated. Also, note that if successful and one viewed the updated one would see this entry like such (comma separated profiles that were successfully created.

# ConfiguredProfiles lists the names of all the configured AFM profiles.