CER Reporting Errors after Upgrading to v12.5.2
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CER Reporting Errors after Upgrading to v12.5.2


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I upgraded to CCS 12.5.2. Testing CER job showing the error:

"Error loading reporting framework assemblies. Make sure Crystal Reports 2010 MSI is installed."

Crystal was already installed. I uninstalled Crystal, then reinstalled from the Install Set Redist folder. Now, jobs are failing with this error:

"An error occurred in data collection activity; Data Query failed: A result file was received from the CCS Manager server without the required properties."


If you are seeing either of those issues, the cause is that the CCS Manager was not successfully updated to 12.5.2


If the CCS Manager that is throwing those errors is a remote manager then simply uninstall the manager and reinstall.

If this is the CCS Manager on the Application Server, then take a backup of the 3 config files in the DPS folder.

Once those are backed up, next if the CCS Console is running on the Application Server system, close it out.
Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Select CCS 12.5.2 and click Uninstall/Change.
After the Installer launches select Uninstall then select "Select components" then hit Next.
Leave the CCS Manager checked hit Next then hit Uninstall.
Once that completes, then go back to into the Uninstall/Change Select Add/Upgrade make sure CCS Manager is selected. Hit next make sure to select Crystal Reports to install.
Continue on with installation until CCS Manager is installed.

After that if finished open the CCS Console again, now when you run the job it should complete without any error.