Removing old statistics
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Removing old statistics


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


There are old statistics records for clients that do not currently or never existed. 
How do we remove this data?


Release :12.3

Component :Automation Engine

Windows / Linux


In older versions of Automic Automation (very old, versions 2-5), if a user attempted to log into a client that did not exist, statistics records were created in the database. 

This no longer happens (oldest version testing was done with version 9). 

Because the clients don't exist, just running an archive / unload / reorg did not clean those records up. 


Usually, running the archive / unload / reorg utilities should take care of this - but then again since this is for clients that don't exist, that may not work. 

If those do not work, then you would want to manually set the delete and archive flags:

update ah set ah_deleteflag=1 where ah_client=2100
update ah set ah_archiveflag=1 where ah_client=2100

If you have 20 phantom clients then you'll need to do it for each one. Make sure to set the client numbers appropriately.

Once this is done you'll then run the unload with the -BREORG flag or run it from the GUI and use the reorganize button.

You can run this statement:

select * from ah where AH_Client = '2100'   (update the client appropriately)

And it should return zero results.