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21.2.1 OC install failed as tomcat was still running


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum install fails with the following error in the logs:

Pre-installation Started:                 Wed Jul 28 15:19:20 UTC 2021


Disk Statistics ... Wed Jul 28 15:19:20 UTC 2021

Name                           Size      Used     Avail   %Used     

/opt/CA/Spectrum          104802308  45844572  58957736   43.7%

Stopping the processd daemon from unregister_init_processd

Removed symlink /etc/systemd/system/

Attempting to stop Tomcat.....

su: user spectrum does not exist

Attempting to stop WebTomcat


** Error during verification of no running Spectrum processes, the following processes found still running: java


The Spectrum Tomcat and/or WebTomcat process are still running.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


To resolve this issue, log into the OC host and kill the Spectrum WebTomcat and/or Tomcat processes.

This message is benign:

su: user spectrum does not exist

Both issues will be resolved in a future release of NetOps Spectrum.