How to remove ACL models from Spectrum VNA inventory?
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How to remove ACL models from Spectrum VNA inventory?


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CA Spectrum


ACL container models are cluttering VNA inventory and we do not want or need them.  How can these be removed?

Engineering let us know there is a performance hit with these as well.  The ACL models consume memory and require some cpu resources in both tomcat and wildfly to process.

If you do not need the ACL models, Broadcom recommends that you disable and delete them.


Release : 21.2

Component :


Meraki provides ACL containers, but they are not needed.


Reconfigure the VNA plugin to set these to false:

"POLL_SSIDS": "true",
"POLL_POLICIES": "true",

The wildfly service will restart.  Let it run for at least an hour and then in Spectrum run a Locater search for:

Model Name Equal To ACL


ModelType Name Equal to SDN_PolicyGroup

Select them all and destroy them.  Upon next inventory sync the ACL models will not be created.