CSM allows maintenance to the same CSI from more than one product, how is this possible?
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CSM allows maintenance to the same CSI from more than one product, how is this possible?


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We have just started the upgrade of our CA7 product and it will now have a Datacom/AD instance.  In getting the Datacom/AD 15.1 installed and all the maintenance applied, I see that some of the maintenance needs to be applied to the Datacom/DB 15.1.  I do not understand why that is so.  Can you explain the reasoning behind applying the maintenance to both please?  For instance, I see that there are 3 PTFs in CSM that have the box showing half green for Datacom/AD 15.1 and when we start to apply them they point to Datacom/DB 15.1.   While in Datacom/DB 15.1 we see 172 PTFs/Hypers that show need to be applied to Datacom/AD 15.1.  I am confused.


Release : 6.0

Component : CA Datacom/AD



These are the FMID's in green for DB 15.1.

   <skucode name="CA Datacom/DB - MVS">DB--DB00200</skucode>       
      <component code="DBC" name="CA DATACOM CICS SERVICES" release="1
   <component code="SQL" name="CA DATACOM SQL" release="15.1" size=
      <component code="DQ" name="CA Dataquery for CA Datacom" release=
   <component code="MSM" name="CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER" preferredPr
   <component code="MSM" name="CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER" preferredPr
   <component code="IPC" name="CA IPC" release="15.1" size="1117988
   <component code="IPCCIC" name="IPC CICS" release="EMPTY" size="0
   <component code="DBVT" name="CA DATACOM VSAM TRANSPARENCY" relea
   <component code="VANT" name="CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager
   <component code="DBSRV" name="CA DATACOM SERVER" release="15.0" 
   <component code="DBMET" name="DB METACOBOL SUPPORT" release="15.
    <component code="DB" name="CA DATACOM/DB" release="15.1" size="3
     <component code="CCIMVS" name="CAICCI-MVS" release="1.1" size="2
     <component code="CCIMVS" name="CAICCI-MVS" release="2.1" size="2
     <component code="VPE" name="VIRTUAL PROCESSING ENVIRONMENT (VPE)
     <component code="CAC" name="CA-C Runtime  (Common component w/TN
     <component code="DD" name="CA DATACOM DATADICTIONARY" release="1

These are the ones shared between DB and AD 15.1:





CSI's that contain these 4 FMID's can get the maintenance for AD or DB 15.1. It doesn't matter because they can be applied only once to each CSI and the FMID's and maintenance are the same from AD or DB. These two products were packages to share maintenance.