View - Options to limit large output
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View - Options to limit large output


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We had an issue today where a STC looped and ended up filling the spool. Our STC's when stopped writing to View. This STC ended up being several million lines and rapidly started filling up our View Database.

We eventually came up with a temporary solution for this but we would like to see if the following options are available (or would like to hear other solutions):

  • Is there a way to "close" an entry in CA View manually?
    • This large file that contained several million records was open so as it was copying we couldn't purge it. If there was a way to purge it during the process this would have saved us some time
  • Is there a parameter to set that would either halt entries exceeding a certain size or send a WTOR of files over a certain size to stop from filling the DB?
    • If we could put a parameter such as size=1M lines where if a job has a size greater than 1M it wouldn't send to View
    • Or if View is noticing a file over a certain size a WTOR could be sent with the file name and how to proceed, continue, purge immediately, etc.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


There is no manual CLOSE or STOP command that can be issued against View or Deliver that would make them suddenly stop data from being processed into the View database.

There are several knowledge articles available from our support portal that outline how to address reports in OPEN status and runaway job output.

The SARINIT MAXLINES parameter can be used to limit the size of the data that gets processed into View. The parameter is documented HERE.

In addition to the documentation on the MAXLINES parameter, there are also several knowledge articles that discuss the use of the MAXLINES parameter.