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CA Performance Center Failover Issue


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


During the failover it has been observed that dradmin user is unable to authenticate Secondary CDA Server and not able to complete failover . Kindly help to validate failover configuration and fix user issue.

ssh-copy-id -i [email protected]_host

it is asking password and it is not accepting the password

ssh [email protected] also not working

Resetting the dradmin Operating System password still it is not working


PAM or Operating System level restrictions can cause this issue.


Release : 20.2

Component : IM Data Aggregator


Possible Reasons:

1. Check If Privileged Access Manager is enabled then PAM admin should help

2. Check if Operating System is hardened then check with Unix Admin.

3. Check if the user Account is locked, unlock the account and try.


Ensure that below commands work before failover

ssh-copy-id -i [email protected]_host

ssh [email protected]

Additional Information

Disaster Recovery document link