Problems using special characters in the Home directory path


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CA Identity Suite


When provisioning an AD (Active Directory Account) and creating a home directory that contains a special character, for example; "ä","ö","å", an error is returned (example below) and the home directory is not created.  If the special character is replaced by a normal character for example; "a", then the directory is created as expected.

Error seen in the connector server logs.

"ERROR rc: 3 - The system cannot find the path specified"




This is a programmatic issue.


Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a path on the local server to act as a home drive for Active Directory.  For example c:\Päth
2. Share the folder and give Everyone Full Control.
3. Edit the default AD Template and set the Profile with Home Drive = c:\Päth\%AC%
4. Create a new User in IM and assign the user with an AD Provisioning Role.
5. Submit the task and it fails. 


Release : 14.4

Component :


A 14.4 GA test fix has been released for this issue. is available upon request.