UIM cabi availability and reachability report considerations
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UIM cabi availability and reachability report considerations


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This KB provided additional information on how availability and reachability metrics are used for CABI Availability reports 


Release : 20.3/ 20.4.x

Component : UIM - CABI


Availability is calculated though power_state qos which is qos of the Robot and reachability is calculated through the ICMP probe

If one of them is not available the report will not be generated. This is how it currently works.

If the device does not have the QOS_POWER_STATE QOS then the report would be not displayed in CABI.

As per the documentation, physical devices can be monitored by deploying a local robot, the device availability is calculated using the new hub-level metric added with hub 7.96 and later. 
Device uptime is calculated as robot up-time, assuming that if the robot is up, then the device is also up and available.

If the device has Service QoS and no power state QoS, then a robot should be deployed on that machine. Only after that QOS_POWER_STATE has been calculated for that particular device would the report be visible in CABI. Check the S_QOS_DATA table where qos = QOS_POWER_STATE.

select * from s_qos_data where qos like '%power%'

- find the raw data table then for example check the values in the related table,

select * from RN_QOS_DATA_0001 order by sampletime DESC

The report by design looks first for QOS_POWER_STATE and then QOS_SERVICE_AVAILABILITY, i.e., Reachability metrics

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