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CBRUXENT Not enabled


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CA 1 Tape Management


In attempting to add tapes to our environment via the TS7700, I issued the "/LI RESET,CBRUXENT" command, but received the following error:

11.08.36 STC22817  CBR3620I Entry of volume C00000 into library xxxxxxx failed.                             

11.08.36 STC22817  CBR3607I Abend 9ED occurred in the cartridge entry installation exit (CBRUXENT).          

11.08.36 STC22817 *CBR3615E Tape entry processing discontinued due to an installation exit (CBRUXENT) failure.

11.09.38 STC22817  CBR1110I OAM library status: 196   196                                                    



11.23.38 STC22817  CAL0C0SF 08 000 OAM     /CBROAM  /XXX.YYYY ACF99913 ACF2 VIOLATION-00,09,OAM,C00000,      


11.23.38 STC22817  IEFTMS70 9YY-112 OPCODE=24,READ ACCESS TO THE TMC NOT AUTHORIZED                           

11.23.38 STC22817  IEFTMS70 ***** CA 1 ABEND,EP,24 *****                  **                                 


What is required to get CBRUXENT enabled?  


OAM is trying to process the data set (XXX.YYYY.ZZZZZ.AAAAA.BBBBBB.CCCCC.ZZZZZZ) on volume C00000, but no longer has ACF2 (READ) access. 


Release : 14.0

Component :


The TMSUPDTE CA1 utility can be used to zero out the DSN and DSN17 fields such that the volume can be successfully entered into the VTL as a scratch tape: 

An example of using TMSUPDTE to clear the fields: 

VOL C00000,NODSN                                                                                           
REP DSN=HEXZEROS                                                                                           

After successfully running TMSUPDTE, the "LI RESET,CBRUXENT" can be re-issued to successfully allow the volume to be entered into the VTL as SCRATCH. 


Additional Information

Reenabling installation exit processing: