Project files search order - Transformers xxxx.d2eproj
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Project files search order - Transformers xxxx.d2eproj


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Does TRANSFRM=A2PC default to the A2PC.d2eproj file and TRANSFRM=A2PCs default to A2PCSFTF.d2eproj?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Transformer parameter files have the file type *.d2eproj and are searched in the directory that is specified by the APP environment variable. The file is an XML format file. The search order is as follows:

1. Search D2EPROJ=filename1.d2eproj file if specified through node DRIVPRM1-4, file OUTPUT ADDRESS or USERDATA parameters.
2. Search filename2.d2eproj file where filename2 is the Spool file name.
3. Search filename3.d2eproj file where filename3 is the device type name that is defined for the target printer node using DEFNODE statement.
4. Search A2PCSFTF.d2eproj, if A2PC Soft Font support is in use.
5. Search x2yy.d2eproj where x2yy is the transformer ID that is specified through file PRMODE parameter or node TRANSFRM parameters.

The above comes from the documentation:

Transformers Parameter Files