SSO Integration User Not Getting Expected Permissions
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SSO Integration User Not Getting Expected Permissions


Article ID: 221142


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


After configuring Nolio to use SSO and LDAPS, logging in with via SSO allows them to login successfully. However, the permissions are not the correct permissions assigned to the user. 



Release : 6.7

Component : Nolio Release Automation



The problem is related to a condition that occurs when the username passed to Nolio uses samaccountname@somethingelse instead of samaccountname@domainname - where 'domainname' is equal to the "Domain Name" input field value given for the Directory Server. When this happens, the message in the log shown when the user is finally authenticated reflects as if the local is a local user (not ldap - as expected):

.... - Update local user [id=27658202000] for user samaccountname@somethingelse



Update the "Domain Name" of the Directory Server to be the domain name suffix used by your users.