UEFI Windows 2019 failing to restore
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UEFI Windows 2019 failing to restore


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Ghost Solution Suite


Issue restoring Windows 2019 on a UEFI chassis...

Captured an image and can do a chkimg without issue or error:
[root@imagemobility ~]# /usr/local/bin/ghost -chkimg,/mnt/COS/3a548acf/cf1f67da/7ce9a4e4a36c.gho 2>&1
Checking FAT partition with CRC32...
Checking NTFS MFT table
Checking NTFS MFT Bootstrap File
Checking NTFS Log file
Checking NTFS Volume record
Checking NTFS Attribute definition record
Checking NTFS Root directory
Checking NTFS Unicode Uppercase conversion record
Checking remaining NTFS MFT files
Finished Checking NTFS volume
Verify complete
[root@imagemobility ~]#

However, during the image restore, Ghost reports:

[root@imagemobility ~]# /usr/local/bin/ghost -CLONE,MODE=RESTORE,SRC=/mnt/COS/3a548acf/cf1f67dac/7ce9a4e4a36c.gho,DST=1 -szeL -SURE -BLIND 2>&1



Release: GSS 3.3


The source server's boot mode is UEFI but the target server's boot mode was Legacy BIOS.  After changing the target server's boot mode to UEFI, the Ghost RESTORE completed without error.