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CA Deliver producing multiple/extra unwanted copies of a report and cannot figure out why


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I have a report bundled report in CA Deliver that is producing 3 copies of the report. The report definition does not have any entry in the COPIES field on the Report Definition Attributes panel for that report. The jobs JCL does not have anything stating to produce multiple copies. The report banner page does show COPIES 3. I've been through ALL of the Ca Deliver bundle definitions for this report and cannot find where  these extra COPIES are defined or being pulled from.


COPIES=3 was defined in the Distribution ID's (DISTID) COPIES field. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


- Had customer access the problem reports "Report Definition Attributes" screen via the 'D' option to show the "Distribution Specifications" for the report.

- Then use PF11 to scroll to the right to see the associated DISTID "Copies" field.

- We found that this is where COPIES=3 had been specified, so customer made the necessary adjustment in the COPIES field located here.