Why is OPS/MVS not certified for older z/OS releases?
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Why is OPS/MVS not certified for older z/OS releases?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are on z/OS 2.1 and OPS/MVS 12.1. We want to upgrade our OPS/MVS to a supported release, preferably to 14.0. The Broadcom compatibility table shows 14.0 not supported on z/OS 2.1. Is this because 14.0 was not tested with 2.1 or there is a known issue?


Release : ALL

Component : OPS/MVS


OPS/MVS product releases cannot be properly tested or certified to work with older releases of z/OS that have reached IBM's EOS (end of support) date prior to the OPS/MVS release GA (general availability) date.



OPS/MVS product releases can only be certified to work with z/OS operating systems that were supported by IBM during the time of certification.

In this instance, the z/OS 2.1 EOS date was 9/30/2018 , which predated OPS/MVS releases 13.5 and 14.0.