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How Does Top Secret Determine Which Facility Is Used?


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Top Secret


When an ACID has multiple facilities added, what determines which facility is used? For example:

ACID has two facilities


A profile has different LCFs on it for each facility:

- The LCF for the CICSTEST facility has an auth cmd that included CEDF.
- The LCF for the CICSDEV facility does not have an auth cmd that includes CEDF.

When the ACID logs on CICS and enters the CEDF transaction, the ACID receives an LCF violation. The violation shows the ACID is in facility CICSDEV and not CICSTEST. What determines that the ACID is using the facility that doesn't have the authorization?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The facility associated with a region is determined by:

1) MASTFAC on the region ACID.
2) If there is no MASTFAC on the region ACID, Top Secret goes through the facilities (in the facility matrix table) until the first occurrence of the first 3 letters of the initiating program (for the region) is found and that facility will be used. For example, with CICS, the program that starts CICS is DFHSIP, so if there is a CICS started task or batch job with no MASTFAC on the region acid, Top Secret will search the facilities and the first one found with INITPGM=DFH is CICSPROD, so this will be the facility associated with that CICS region.
3) If no match is found, facility STC is used. 

In this case, neither facility is CICSPROD, so the following should be done:
- If the CICS region is started as a started task:
a) TSS LIST(STC) and find the entry for PROCNAME(cicsproc) ACID(acid) where ‘cicsproc’ is the procname that starts the CICS region. (‘acid’ is the region ACID.)
b) Issue TSS LIST(acid) and look for MASTER FAC = . 

- If the CICS region is started as a batch job: Issue TSS LIST(acid) where ‘acid’ is the ACID the CICS batch job is running under and look for MASTER FAC = .