How to create a Session with multiple Return Code Branches (RC)
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How to create a Session with multiple Return Code Branches (RC)


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A user would like to have a session where a uproc could throw a return code different than 0 (ie. 4) and launch a different uproc than in case it would be a Branch KO. 

Example of the request

  • One branch for return code 0
  • Another branch for return code 4
  • A different branch for any return code different than 0 or 4

Using a KO Branch in the Session leads to issues as the KO Branch is executed as well as the RC Branch for code 4, how can we avoid this?




Release : 6.6.x and superior



The most simple solution for this request would be a a RC session with 3 branches RC:

  • For rc=0
  • For rc=4
  • For every rc different than 0 or 4 which would be [-32767,-1];[1,3];[5,32768]

In the uproc AFR_H2 that can throw the custom return code (0, 4 or anything else) we enabled the Enhanced Status Management and added as Completed the Return Codes 0 and 4 as below:


This way when the AFR_2 uproc exits with return code 4, it will also be displayed as Completed (Green) and only the uproc AFR_RC4 will be launched:

Additional Information

Attached to this article you will find a package with the above RC Session example.


1628165689831__AFR_SES_RC.unipkg get_app