Data migration from a previous Reporter Server to a new one
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Data migration from a previous Reporter Server to a new one


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A new Reporter was installed with a new database and works well.

Is there a way to migrate the old Reporter Server data from its database as it's still available?


Release : 6.x

Component :Reporter Server


Procedure not documented


There is no "transfer" command or similar available in Reporter to migrate/transfer data from one Database to another.

Reporter data from a previous Reporter Server cannot be imported as it is because the Reporter Functional Tables are all tied to the DATASOURCE_ID which is unique for each node/company/area and is stored in the table "UNI_EVT_DATASOURCES" as explained here

If you install a brand new Reporter Server and declare it in a UVMS where some nodes are residing, first time it will extract them it will obtain all the Execution Statistics, Exceptions and Audit Trail that these nodes currently have stored in their dta files according to the Retention applied on these nodes.

If it was required to add some old executions that were available in another Reporter database, you would need to probably adjust the INSERT necessary SQL commands to replace the old DATASOURCE_ID by the new one.

Nevertheless, this operation should be handled by your DBAs or Consultants, Broadcom Support does not cover database migrations.