Uninstallation of EEM
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Uninstallation of EEM


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



Trying to reinstall the EEM, EEM directory and the EEM services (dxserver, igatewayd) are removed

When trying to reinstall EEM, the iGateway will not install with the following error:
>> iGateway has been installed for a different user than the one used for upgrade
>> This is not permitted, So Exiting the iGateway Upgrade...
Which additional files to delete so the installation will not recognize a previous installation of EEM?


Release : 4.2

Component :



Using the documented uninstallation (/Embedded Entitlements Manager/uninstall/eiamuninstall -DFORCE_UNINSTALL=true) was not successful in the environment.

Running this uninstallation will stop at the time the uninstaller tries to uninstall dxserver.

The uninstaller of dxserver needs to know the Dxserver Administrator username, which has to be typed in manually.



Uninstall dxserver first:
- Dxserver Administrator username: dsa

- select all to uninstall
- type "go"
Run the uninstallation of the EEM:
/Embedded Entitlements Manager/uninstall/eiamuninstall -DFORCE_UNINSTALL=true
There were still some files on the filesystem which had to be removed:
/opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology -> /eem/iTechnology
If the files were not removed, a fresh installation of EEM was not possible as the igateway installation would cancel with errors.