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When using File Master Plus r 12 in browse mode the user receives message ICH408i insufficient access authority for dataset ISPF.ISPTABLE DD CAWAALAL.


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File Master Plus


The user is using File Master Plus r 12 to browse a dataset. When a Layout member is provided File Master Plus creates a CAWAALAL DD allocation in the session pointing to a data set. In this case the dataset is ISPF.ISPTABLE.

When the user exits browse mode they receive security message

ICH408I USER(USER ID)              
ISPF.ISPTABLE CL(DATASET ) VOL(VOL NAME)                           
INSUFFICIENT ACCESS AUTHORITY                                                
ACCESS INTENT(UPDATE )  ACCESS ALLOWED(READ   )                              
IEC150I 913-38,IFG0194E,SI02764,TMP,CAWAALAL       


When you browse a dataset and use a layout dataset and member, File Master Plus looks at the ISPTABLE DD allocation and takes the first dataset in that DD and allocates a DD called CAWAALAL.  When you exit the browse facility, File Master plus tries to write a member called CAWAALAT to the CAWAALAL DD. Since the user does not have write access to this dataset, they receive the ICH408I security error.




If the security access cannot be granted you may want to consider turning off the Automatic Layout Association in the CAWAOPTS default options table for all users. 

The CAWAOPTS option is called ONL_DSNALAY=N  

The default is Y 

ONL_DSNALAY=Y Specifies whether automatic DSN-layout association is used. Valid values are Y and N.
The default value is Y.

Or you can have the end user change the automatic DSN-layout association option for their ID only.

This option can be changed by using the File Master plus ISPF primary menu by doing the following.

 ----------------------  CA File Master Plus -- Main Menu  ---------------------
 OPTION ===>                                                                   
  0  SETUP       Setup and processing parameters         
  1  BROWSE      Browse datasets                        
  2  EDIT        Edit datasets                          
  3  UTILITIES   Utility functions                      
  4  PRINT       Print data from files                  
  5  FILTER      Define or update a selection criteria  
  6  LAYOUT      View or update record layout           
  D  DSN LIST    Select DSN for processing              
  X  EXIT        Exit                                   
  Z  ABOUT       About the product                      

Select option 0  

0  SETUP       Setup and processing parameters         
Next select option 1

 -----------  CA File Master Plus -- Setup and Processing Parameters 
 OPTION ===>                                                         
    1  DEFAULT       Processing defaults and jobcard                 

and change  the field below to "N"

Use automatic DSN-layout association?   ===> N   

-----------  CA File Master Plus -- Processing Defaults and Jobcard -
 COMMAND ===>                                                        
Processing Options:                                                  
    Confirm dataset deletes?                ===> Y                   
    Confirm member deletes?                 ===> Y                   
    Use '=' to jump within CA product?      ===> Y                   
    Userid prefix for backup PDSs?          ===> N                   
    Confirm print class & destination?      ===> Y                   
    Use automatic DSN-layout association?   ===> N