How do I remove DSM/ITCM agents from Linux/Unix machines?
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How do I remove DSM/ITCM agents from Linux/Unix machines?


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To remove/uninstall DSM/ITCM agents from Unix based operating systems you can use:
lsm -e ca-dsm

lsm is a CA Installer/packager similar to RPM for Linux and PKGAdd for Sun Solaris. 

LSM is however universal across all Unix/Linux Platforms.

ca-dsm is the overall parent product (which has sub products listed. If any of the sub-products are not uninstalled you may need to run steps 3 and 4.



What is the command to remove CA Client Automation Agents on UNIX and what files and folders should be cleaned up before a reinstall should take place ?



  1. Login into the machine (with a userid that has root privileges)
  2. Run lsm -e ca-dsm
  3. Run the following command to see if all of the CA-DSM PIF packages installed were removed.

    lsm -l | grep PIF

    Example of the output of the above command.

    PIF CAI18N Solaris
    PIF ca-cs-cam Solaris

    Additional Notes: lsm will also list rpms by using lsm -l on LINUX. The CA CCS installs use RPM files.

    RPM ca-cs-utils 11.2.09280 Linux
    RPM ca-cs-cam 13.0.10 Linux
    RPM ca-cs-etpki 3.2.1 Linux

    The above listed should be also removed with the lsm -e ca-dsm
    (Note: You can also make the uninstall silent by adding a -s switch (lsm -e ca-dsm -s))
  4. If any entries are displayed, please remove them using the following command

    Warning! lsm is used by all CA Products if you have other CA products installed you should consult tech support before removing additional components.

    lsm -e <PIFname> (second column in the above output)
    example Output: lms -e CAI18N
  5. Remove everything from /opt/CA (ie rm -rf /opt/CA)

    Warning! You may not want to remove this directory if there are other CA products installed into this directory. You may optionally choose to remove only /opt/CA/UnicenterDSM or /opt/CA/DSM
  6. Goto /etc (cd /etc) and delete the following files if they exist

    Warning! You may not want to remove all of these files if there are other CA products installed. You may optionally choose to leave the files as they exist. Or consult tech support before removing these files.

  7. Now run the following command to confirm whether the uninstall was successful.
    lsm -l | grep ca

    The following are the normal ITCM 12.5 PIFs installed on a ITCM only system,
    PIF      CAI18N                            LinuxPIF      CAM                              AnyPIF      ca-cs-sysperf-liteagent        11.2.10059.0         LinuxPIF      ca-cs-sysperf-liteagent-uam          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm                         LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-agent-common            LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-am-agent                LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-am-client-api           LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-am-common               LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-am-sector-server-cli          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-caf                     LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-capki                   LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-cbb                     LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-ccnf-agent              LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-csm-agent               LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-dmprimer                LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-dmprimer-embedded          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-dts-agent               LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-dts-common              LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-dts-utils               LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-plugin-common           LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-rc-agent                LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-rc-agt-mgr-common          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-rc-agt-srv-mgr-common          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-script-interpreter          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-sd-agent                LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-sd-agt-mgr-common          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-sd-agt-srv-mgr-common          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-sd-installer            4.5.10070.0          LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-tools                   LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-utils                   LinuxPIF      ca-dsm-wrapper                 LinuxRPM      ca-cs-utils                    11.2.09280           LinuxRPM      ca-cs-cam                      13.0.10              LinuxRPM      ca-cs-etpki                    3.2.1                Linux


Release: UASIT.99000-12-Asset Intelligence