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Manually controlled bundle printing in CA Deliver - Use Bundle Confirmation function


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We need to hold bundles from auto printing due to the fact that there is no staff at the location that bundles print at.

We would also like to be able to resume printing when the staff has returned to that location.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


It sounds like you might be able to exploit the CA Deliver "Bundle Confirmation"  functionality to address your concerns. I've included some additional information and documentation excerpts regarding this functionality below:

- Below is from HELP screen from the Bundle Definition Attributes panel: 

    - Bundle confirm?- the character "Y" indicates that the bundle will   
      not print until it is "confirmed" by being "posted" ("P" selection  
      code) on the "Active Bundle List" panel; the character "N" indicates
      that the bundle does not need confirmation.


- CA Deliver Initialization Parameters (RMOPARM)...

Specifies whether you want the bundle confirmation facility to be activated.
Note: Bundle confirmation can also be specified for an individual bundle on the Bundle Definition Attributes panel.
Default: NO 


- Bundle Confirmation...

The bundle confirmation feature controls the times when bundles are actually queued for printing.
When you specify bundle confirmation as YES (initialization parameter BNDLCONF=YES), or when you specify Y in the
Bundle Confirm? field on the Bundle Definition Attributes panel, a bundle is not automatically queued for printing when it is
ready. Instead, the active entry for the bundle is marked with an exceptional condition of READY or BOT POST when the
time period specified by BNDLSCAN occurs. You must then post the bundle for printing either by entering the P tabular
command on the Active Bundle List panel (Submits PGM=RMOBBP), or by using the batch bundle posting utility RMOBPR to print it.


- Post Bundles for Printing from Batch...

You can use the RMOBPR utility to one or more bundles for printing from batch. You can use it in combination with bundle
confirmation to explicitly control when bundles are printed.
For example, if three jobs produce reports that are bundled together, you could add a step at the end of the third job to
post the bundles for printing.