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Rally Unsupported browser


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) Rally Perpetual Hosted


We have users at our end that see a blank white screen when logging into Rally.  This user has cleared their cache and cookies but still the error persists and all our users are using SSO enabled URL when trying to accessing the tool:


This issue is usually caused by unsupported browsers like Microsoft IE.v & EDGE.


Release : Rally
Component : SAAS


Browser Recommendations

We recommend using the latest production-level versions of these browsers. In particular, we strongly suggest using Chrome or Firefox.

Rally supports the two (2) latest versions of each of these browsers. Upon the release of a new version, we will begin supporting the newly released version and stop supporting the oldest previously supported version.

Note for IE11 & EDGE:

Following Microsoft’s August 17 announcement that support of IE11 and Legacy Edge will be sunsetting in the near future, Rally has decided to remove support for these browsers. Be advised that starting November 30, 2020, Rally will no longer support the IE11 or Legacy Edge browser versions. We recommend that you switch to another browser for your ongoing use of Rally before that date to avoid any functionality issues that may occur once support is removed. After November 30, functionality and performance in those browsers will likely degrade over time as Rally removes the code implemented to support them.

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