HowTo: enable migrations checkFlowPath flag in ARD 3.2


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ARD has a new option checkFlowPath flag.
How is this enabled and checked?



Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)



Non-dockerized setup:

1. Connect to the server running ARD Hub (SSH/RDP)
2. Navigate to the home folder of the user that is running tomcat (e.g.: "/home/tomcat/", or "C:\Users\Administrator")
3. In that home folder, open the Hub settings file:

for editing and add the following:
4. Save the file and restart the Tomcat service.

Dockerized setup

1) SSH to the server running ARD Hub container

2) Get container ID
         docker ps -a

3) Copy Hub settings file from the container
         docker cp CONTAINER_ID:/home/tomcat/.ard/conf/

4) Open settings file in editor and add there following:

5) Copy settings file back to container
         docker cp CONTAINER_ID:/home/tomcat/.ard/conf/

6) Restart the container
         docker restart CONTAINER_ID

How to check the feature flag status

1) Login to Web UI. For example

2) Copy Auth header form the browser’s console

3) Use copied Auth header in ModHeader extension

4) Go to Migration service environment endpoint

5) Find there ard.migrate.checkFlowPath it should be set to true


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