When a dataset is recalled from CA-Disk, and the volume no longer exists, how do we restore the dataset?


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We are converting from 3380s to 3390s, and the volumes have new names.  

When a dataset is recalled from CA-Disk, and the volume no longer exists, how do we restore the dataset?

Also, is there a way to convert to backing up on DASD instead of tape?


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


For non-VSAM data sets you can pre-allocate the data set on the new volumes that have the needed space. Then, specify sysparms: PREALLOCY and RESCHCATY, either in the SYSPARMS member or in the job with the //SYSPARMS DD *.  Then run your Restore. You can alternatively use the VOL= parameter to override the RESCHCATY parameter. 
For VSAM files you should allocate the new data set and then run RESTORE with VSPREDEF set to Y.  VSPREDEFn is valid for RESTORE, RECOVER, and VRECOVER.  The default value of this sysparm is N, which will cause CA Disk to not allow restore or recover commands to overwrite pre-allocated VSAM clusters. 
Specify a value of Y to allow a restore to overwrite pre-allocated VSAM clusters with the REUSE attribute.   Note that CA Disk cannot be held responsible for the integrity of the restored data when a value of Y is specified.  You should not specify a value of Y during VSAM volume recover after an ICF catalog recovery when the information in the VVDS is not correct. See the sysparm PREALLOCn for restore of non-VSAM data sets  (to protect data integrity, the CA Disk auto-restore function internally assigns and uses a value of N for this sysparm which prevents VSAM data sets being auto-restored into existing clusters.)

Concerning backing up on DASD instead of tape, either the Sysparms ARC0TYPE and ARCCTYPE can be used to change the defaults from tape to disk, or 
the ARCHIVE0 DD can be used to redirect the output to DASD.  The MERGE feature can also be used to convert current tape backups to disk. 

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