What is the Service URL for Email Quarantine feature in the Cloud Service for Email?


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Service for Email Email Security.cloud


You have seen the announcement in the What's New Guide that the DLP Cloud Service for Email now integrates with the Email Quarantine feature in Email Security.cloud. You've seen documentation about setting up quarantine with on-prem SMG, but would like to know how to do this for DLP Cloud Service.


The What's New Guide for DLP states that in 15.8 there is now "Cloud email quarantine and release integration with Email Security.cloud", but does not indicate how to set this up.


Release : 15.8

Component : Cloud Service for Email, in Forwarding mode with Email Security.cloud integration


Instructions for configuring this feature are in the DLP "Help Center", in a section entitled "About the Email Security.cloud Email Quarantine and Data Loss Prevention integration".

About the Email Security.cloud Email Quarantine and Data Loss Prevention integration (broadcom.com)

In order to complete the setup, the following details are required:

Additional Information

If you've downloaded a PDF version of the Help Center, instructions about the Email Quarantine configuration begin on p. 2216.