API Gateway: Could not access admin services on Gateway
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API Gateway: Could not access admin services on Gateway


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CA API Gateway


Unable to logon to Gateway via Policy Manger on Default port 9443.

In this scenario, Policy Manager access is already disabled for Default port 8443.

Error generated is as follows:

Could not access admin services on Gateway <HostName>

Admin services may not be available at this time, or you encountered an internal gateway error.

If the problem persists, please contact your network administrator.


Extract from ssg log.

WARNING 1 com.l7tech.server.transport.SsgConnectorManagerImpl: Unable to translate bind address while updating firewall rules: No address pattern for interface named xxxxx matches any network address on this node (for listen port 9443)


Release : 9.4 and 10.x

Component : API GATEWAY


Collect output of this command to verify the bindAddress which is not working.

select c.name, cp.name, cp.value from connector c inner join connector_property cp on c.goid = cp.connector_goid;


Delete bindAddress from connector_property table.

delete from connector_property where name = 'bindAddress';

Restart ssg service and connect to Gateway on Port 9443 via Policy Manager.

Additional Information

Additional scenario were customer was getting the same error dialog box 

Customer was attempting to switch to port 7443 for admin services during upgrade procedure.

Needed to enable firewall rule with internal team to allow 7443 from where Policy manager is accessing gateway