Can the ACF2 databases be changed without doing an IPL?
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Can the ACF2 databases be changed without doing an IPL?


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I need to move and rename the ACF2 databases, but we do not have time to do an IPL. Is there a way to change this on the fly?


There are two choices.  You can stop ACF2 and restart ACF2 pointing to alternate databases.  But while ACF2 is down, the master console will be flooded with security requests to wait or continue, which is not a good solution.  The bets way is to use the SWITCH command.  First you need to create the new databases. Issue a F ACF2,BACKUP command. Then using the backup file, create the new databases and new backup files. If you are also changing the Alternate databases, do that at this time too. The next step is to update the ACFFDR with the new names. After all the names have been changes for the Primary, Backup, Alternates, etc., do a SMPE REJECT of UM99901, re-RECEIVEd, then do an APPLY REDO of the usermod UM99901. This will add the new version into your SMP library. If this library is not the ACF2.CAILOAD that is in the linklist you IPL'd with, you need to copy the module to that linklist library replacing the existing ACFFDR. Next the following operator commands need to be issued.


Now you can issue the SWITCH command to change the databases. You need to first switch to the ALT DDSN because the PRIMARY DDSN is in use from IPL time, even though the dataset names are different.

F ACF2,SWITCH(ALT) << in the parens should be the DDSN name, which by default is ALT >>

You will be prompted for the SWTCHKEY that was added to the GSO OPTS record. If you do not remember the SWTCHKEY, you will need to add a new one. After the databases are switched to the alternates, then switch them back to the PRIMARY which is the new databases.


You will again be prompted for the SWTCHKEY. After this is done you are good to go.


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