Clarity PPM: In MUX, resource able to enter time after DOT using the option Create Timesheet from Previous period including the efforts


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In Modern UX, actuals are allowed to go past the Date of Termination when Copy from Previous period (include Efforts) is used.



1. Create a resource ABC and set the DOT as 19/8/2021 (mid of the week)
2. Open the resource for Time Entry and provide all required access to enter time. 
3. Assign the Resource to any task against which the Timesheet will be entered
4. Create Open Time periods 
8/8/2021 - 14/8/2021
15/8/2021 - 21/8/2021
5. Login as resource ABC and navigate to the Modern UX timesheets - time period 8/8/2021 - 14/8/2021
6. Enter 8 hours each from Mon - Fri and submit.
7. Move to the next time period 15/8/2021 - 21/8/2021
8. Copy from Previous Time period including Efforts

Actual: 8 hours each are copied over from MOn - Fri and Thursday and Friday cells are greyed out as it is after the DOT

Expected: Like Classic UX, the Copy from previous time period should not be allowed because the DOT lies in the mid of the week or the actuals should only be copied until the DOT.

Workaround:  Create the timesheets without copying the efforts from the previous week. 


Release : 15.9.2


This is a defect (DE62093) found in 15.9.2 and is being reviewed by Engineering.