View user screen is frozen or hangs
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View user screen is frozen or hangs


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A TSO View user could not clear the fields.

The user was deleted, via SARBCH, to circumvent this issue.

What is the permanent resolution?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


So as to be able to have some information to use for research of the "screen freeze" situation that users may encounter from the entering (by copy/paste) of invalid values, it is asked that clients (before a user is deleted) do the following:

 . Have a dump done of the user's TSO region. 
 . Have the user do a screen save (like [Alt] [PrtScr]), to show what screen they are on, and as to what Mode they are using. 
 . Let us know what field on the screen is being entered in, and as to what was entered. 
 . Let us know what the user sees on the QWS screen, insofar as either "x SYS" or "x Prot". 
 . Run a SARDBASE IDXOUT against the database in question.