SslConfig fails to restart services after an error
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SslConfig fails to restart services after an error


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Trying to replace an expired SSL certificate using the SslConfig script.

When it runs it stops the caperfcenter_console and caperfcenter_sso services. Then it tries to import the new certificate.

If there is an error it fails and closes out.

Despite no change being made, it leaves the services stopped.

When trying to run SslConfig again, when it tries to stop the services it fails with an error that it is unable to do so. But it doesn't state it is because they are already down, and need to be restarted first.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Engineering agrees that the script should do better than this. We have an existing Feature Request, F109197, which is already addressing SslConfig script improvements.

This request has been added to those requests and slots nicely into those other pending changes.

The new items engineering added to that feature are:

  • On configuring HTTPS, if it fails at any point, revert back to HTTP, and start services.
  • On configuring HTTPS, only stop if SSO/PC are running, so we don't print message about can't stop.

Until these changes are available, anytime the SslConfig script runs, stops services and then fails with an error, be sure to restart th services before attempting to run the SslConfig script again.

Additional Information

The release these changes will be included in is not yet known.