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Deliver RMOUTIL COPY problem from version R14 databases to version R12 databases


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We received the following message:

  RMOUTL18  "TO" database at insufficient release level

We have a problem where one of our databases is still at the r12.2 level, and we are attempting to copy from a r14.0-level database to the r12.2 database.

The receiving database needs to be VERSIONed to r14.0, but we can't bring the CA-Deliver RMOSTC task down during the week.

Is there any way to get around this, other than VERSIONing?

Also, can r12.2 code read a version r14.0 database?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Generally speaking, you can run a higher-code level with a lower-level database, but the Deliver RMOUTIL utility will not work if you are copying from a higher-level database to a lower-level database. 

As the nature of RMOUTIL is to provide the ability to copy items directly from one database to another, if there are many things to be copied, there really is no uncomplicated way to accomplish that. 

Overall, when using RMOUTIL, it is best that the databases be at the same level.

Deliver 12.2 code cannot read a Deliver 14.0-level database.