The browser does not support MAPI emailing Chrome/Edge Web Viewer 12.1 Configure SMTP
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The browser does not support MAPI emailing Chrome/Edge Web Viewer 12.1 Configure SMTP


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Users with Chrome or Edge browsers are getting this error:
The browser does not support MAPI emailing.  Contact your administrator.

How to configure SMTP email.


Release : 12.1



With the Chrome and Edge browsers you have to use SMTP email.  MAPI email is only supported with IE11 and ActiveX controls.


This is not an error or a bug.  The administrator has to set up SMTP email.  Both SMTP email and MAPI email can be made available so users of IE11 can still use MAPI mail.
Administrators set output defaults by selecting Administration, Output Defaults.

In order to enable the emailing of reports, select Client based MAPI and/or SMTP. If both email types are enabled, you may also limit the email type based on the user role.
If a user’s role allows both email options, the user chooses their email type from the configuration panel.

If you choose to enable SMTP email, the following settings are available. The information is supplied by your email system administrator.
SMTP Server
Specifies where the SMTP email server is hosted. Enter the name or IP address of the server.
Use Authentication
Specifies if the SMTP server requires user authentication. If selected, end users are prompted for their email credentials.
Security Requires
If Use Authentication is selected, choose the security type: TLS1.2 (recommended) or SSL. SSL is no longer a valid secured protocol. Your security administrator will tell you what to select.
If Use Authentication is selected, specify the port number.


Additional Information

See Managing Output Defaults in the online documentation.