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Category mapping for URL filtering in Symantec Protection Engine


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS


  Category mapping for URL filtering


The URL filtering capability of Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) was powered by RuleSpace until SPE 8.2. From SPE 8.2.1 onwards, SPE leverages the WebPulse technology for URL filtering. One of the key differentiating factors for administrators using URL filtering is category mapping while upgrading to SPE 8.2.1. 


RuleSpace-based URL filtering 

(until SPE 8.2)

During upgrade, if you have selected the option to preserve settings, then the selected URL categories are preserved after upgrade.

WebPulse-based URL filtering

(from SPE 8.2.1 onwards)

Since WebPulse has different URL category names than RuleSpace, the categories you selected from the RuleSpace list before upgrading will not be preserved after you upgrade to SPE 8.2.1.


Refer to the attached document for more information about the RuleSpace and WebPulse URL category names mapping.


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