DevTest V3 APIs is ignoring the changes from workstation


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Service Virtualization


Using API call, we created a virtual service and modified vsi file in workstation and then used Update API call to all new RRPair. During this change, API has reverted workstation changes.

PFB the steps to reproduce the issue.


  1. Create a stub using V3 create virtual service (/vses/{vseName}/services) api – RR pair1.
  2. Download the mar file and update one of the response parameters of RR pair1 through DevTest workstation. Deploy the mar file. Changes are working successfully.
  3. Update the same stub using V3 update virtual service (/vses/{vseName}/services/{virtualServiceName}) api – RR pair2
  4. Test the RR pair1. Manual changes are reverted. RR pair1 is not working properly.


Release : 10.5, 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Please create a support ticket and get the patch from support team to resolve this issue.