ACF2 Cleanup database last reference date
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ACF2 Cleanup database last reference date


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Logonids not being flagged as UNREF in the cleanup database when the logonid has PSWD-VIO value reset to zero on a different system configured with Command Propagation Facility(CPF) and ACC-DATE is not updated in the logonid record statistics.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Cleanup for ACF2


If CPF is configured to propagate commands to another ACF2 system, then any administrative logonid field that's updated on one system would cause the logonid to be updated and flag the cleanup database.

PSWD-VIO count is updated internally by ACF2, whether its done by a user or a security administrator, only this field gets 
updated and it doesn't update the logonid ACC-DATE field. The ACC-DATE field is only updated for successful System Entry Validation(SEV).

The command propagation can be limited by using TARGET parameter on the CHANGE command as shown below:

change logonid PSWD-VIO(0) target()

This command will replace the current default node list with the home node only for this command and it will not be propagated to another system.