Report Server for CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (3) - Problem Diagnoses
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Report Server for CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (3) - Problem Diagnoses


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ESP Workload Automation



Report Server for CA Workload Automation ESP Edition System (3) - Problem Diagnoses




CA WA ESP Edition 11.4 Z/OS


When there is a problem with Report Server:

- Set RServerLogLevel to 9 to capture debug data in Report Server STC;

- Related CA WA ESP Edition STC JESMSGLG should also be checked for any error messages.

Example errors and solutions

  1. Can't start the Report Server and in CA WA ESP JESMSGLG:

    ESP3883E Unable to find password matching DB2USER,RSERVER,-,RC=4
    ESP6945I Report Server is now inactive

    Solution: Use PASSWORD command to define user DB2USER with its password and TYPE SERVER.

  2. Report Server shows Active and Disconnected, and following shows in CA WA ESP JESMSGLG:

    ESP2215E Connect(2),->, Connection Refused
    ESP6933E Errror connecting to Report Server

    Solution: Check if the port on RSERVER START command is the same port defined on RServerPort.

  3. Report Server can't be started, and its STDERR shows error:

    EspMessageInDbPassword: Cannot start DB Manager:EspExceptionSQLConnectionFailed: .jcc..t4..2057..11264..3.61.84. The application server rejected establishment of the connection.

    An attempt was made to access a database, DB2DB, which was either not found or does not support transactions. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08004 SQLState=08004 ErrorCode=-4499 Method=EspDBManager.getConnection

    Solution: Correct the RServerDbName, it should be the LOCATION name for mainframe DB2.

  4. "OPER RSERVER STATUS" shows error "ESP6937E Invalid message keyword ERROR received from Report Server".

    Solution: One Report Server can ONLY be used by one CA WA ESP system. If it's linked to one CA WA ESP system, then linked to another one; then it will not be linked to the first one any more. And message ESP6937E will be issued for the command "OPER RSERVER STATUS" from first CA WA EE system.

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Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE