Problem with French characters Web Viewer 14.0
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Problem with French characters Web Viewer 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


When trying to import a report downloaded from Web Viewer to excel, it does not work well for the reports downloaded from WebViewer 14.0, they were working ok on WebViewer 12.0.
Some differences were spotted on the French characters è and é, when opening the report on a  PC. For example, the word 

ch�que (WebViewer v12) vs chèque (WebViewer v14)


Release : 14.0

Component :  Output Management Web Viewer


configuration problem


Edit or delete a repository.  Character Set Tab

When you have multiple languages in a repository, you should define the same repository multiple times with different names and charsets, each with a different language.

Users will chose the repository for the language they are using.