Hyper PTF LU01701 HoldData
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Hyper PTF LU01701 HoldData


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Top Secret



Looking at the APPLY HOLDDATA for Hyper Ptf LU01701, there is a query on the documentation.


1. If already applied via IPL, these 3 PTFS, SO12118, SO11952, SO14340,  then there is not a need for a further IPL, but instead dynamically install LU01701  via:

a. A CAKOLINK  Linklist lib update, with LLA Refresh,

b. Then a  P TSS,  and  then a   START TSS,,,REINIT.

Is this Correct ? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


 Yes If you already have on these 3 PTFS SO12118, SO11952, SO14340
 then you do not have to IPL.

Instead you  can do the

a. A CAKOLINK  Linklist lib update, with LLA Refresh,

b. then a  P TSS,  and  then a   START TSS,,,REINIT.