Unable to update reference lookup for column value
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Unable to update reference lookup for column value


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While performing data generation we use NEXTVAL Sequence function for the parent table. For the child tables we used reference lookup using the tablename and columnname.

We have created the variable and While publishing the data to target environment for single value, it is updating fine and if we use multiple values, the column value is getting duplicated in child tables with 1st record value.

Currently, we are using 4.9.333.0 version of CA Portal.




All supported TDM releases.




We have discussed this with Level 2 Developer and unfortunately you are attempting to use the product beyond it's current capabilities.  We do not have a method in place to do variables inside of references.  To enable this would require a program framework re-design.  This is a 4-8 month endeavor that is not currently slated for a time slot in the Development Sprints.

Level 2 Developer did suggest a more direct mapping model which is given below but it is not as dynamic as you had hoped for:

As discussed here are the snapshots showing 1 -> 2 -> 4  data generation across three tables


1661976015049__picture220640_2.png get_app
1661975996409__picture220640_1.png get_app