How to bind CA Workload Automation agent to only one IP?


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If a host has several NIC or Ethernet interfaces configured, then how do you configure the agent to listen to only one particular interface?


When a host or operating system has several network interfaces with IP's configured, the agent will by default bind itself to all the interfaces. The following command will provide information on interfaces that agent binds itself to:

           netstat -na | grep 7520
           netstat -na |  FINDSTR 7520

Note: 7520 is the default port that agent uses, this can be changed to any other port. Substitute appropriate port in the above commands.

The output of the above commands will look something like the following:

tcp        0      0 :::7520      :::*         LISTEN

This example shows that the agent is binding itself to all available interfaces. To restrict the binding to only one interface, add the following parameter in the agentparm.txt of the agent and restart the agent.
communication.bindaddress=<IP address>

Run the above mentioned commands again, the output will be something similar to following line.

tcp        0      0 :7520        :::*         LISTEN


Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE