Determining Datacom database sizes for CA 7 r12.0/r12.1


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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition


Is there a  tool that can be used to give an initial value for the Datacom databases that will be used for CA7 R12.1?  




Release : 12.1

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Use the original default setting for hlq.CAL2JCL(AL2DCA30). 

As part of the upgrade procedure, we recommend that you take the CA 7 11.3 databases and run it through a test run conversion to clean up errors prior to the actual upgrade.  

When hlq.CAL2JCL( AL2DCC20) is completed, the EXPORT file is created which contains all the data in your CA7 11.3 database.   The EXPORT file is used as input to hlq.CAL2JCL(AL2DCC30) that creates a SYSPUNCH output of the recommended space allocation needed the data and index areas.

Use the recommended allocation space from AL2DCC30 as input to hlq.CAL2JCL(AL2DCC40) that will resize the data and index areas.