Search functionality is broken in Ghost Solution Suite
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Search functionality is broken in Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite


In some situations, it is not possible to perform a search by computer name.



Search functionality relies on computer_id where the search starts from and attempts to find everything which matches search criteria and where ComputerID is greater than computer_id of selected item.

This works well if all computers appear in the GSS tree in ordered manner.

However, we have a computer inventory which adds new computer with maximal computer_id, but it appears on top of the list, thus it is not possible to find any computer below it.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fresh Install
  2. Create test computers using the GSS Console (every new computer is added to the list in an ordered manner by their computer_id and search OK)
  3. Change Primary Lookup to Serial Number (client reports no NICs):

  4. Use DSTestAgent.exe tool to populate database with client inventory


  5. In the GSS Console, this test computer appears on top.
  6. Select [All Computers] > Ctrl+F

    Try searching for the computer below and it won't find anything.

  7. If we attempt to search from 'bad' computer or below the search is OK



GSS 3.3 RU7


Known issue.

Search functionality calls to a stored procedure:

EXEC sel_find_next_computer '5000001','computer','computer_name','%m%'

which accepts computer_id (5000001 in this case) which is provided by console as next object computer_id in the console.


This issue has been addressed in the GSS 3.3 RU8 release.