spectrumgtw multitenancy feature not working after being configured
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spectrumgtw multitenancy feature not working after being configured


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


We were able to select the new SpectroSERVER within the multitenancy dropbox, by following the KB Article:


But, despite the fact that it was configured as suggested, nothing happens, and new servers discovered through this specific HUB, are not being created on the new landscape, but in the old one (as if the multitenancy  config doesn't exist).Therefore, the servers coming from the HUB included in the Multitenancy config are not being created within the new landscape, 

Is there anything else that should be done?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SPECTRUMGTW 8.69


- misconfiguration, but specific action which contributed to the root cause is unknown. multitenancy_enabled attribute on UIM Manager model had the value set to "no" in Spectrum even though origin_landscape_mapping had entries. It is supposed to be enabled automatically when spectrumgtw sends the mapping request on startup but we cannot be sure why the value was set to no.


All the UIM hosts were modelled in LS1. Later, the customer added a new landscape into the Distributed SpectroServer (DSS) [say LS2] and enabled multitenancy mapping in the spectrumgtw to map an origin [e.g., origin3] to LS2. But the UIM hosts were still getting modelled in LS1 instead of LS2.

We set the value of multitenancy_enabled attribute to yes from the Spectrum Oneclick Console->Navigation->UIM Manager->Component Details->Attributes tab. 

Then we deleted a couple of UIM hosts of Origin3 from LS1 and restarted the spectrumgtw probe. Then the hosts from origin3 were successfully modelled in LS2.

Furthermore, to get all the Hosts of Origin3 from LS1 to LS2 customer has to manually delete those models from LS1 and restart the spectrumgtw probe. To make it easier, we did the following:

1. Deactivated the spectrumgtw probe
2. Disabled the spectrumgtw integration from the Spectrum OneClick Administration->UIM Integration which then deleted all the UIM models from Spectrum
3. Activated the spectrumgtw probe

This successfully synced all the UIM Hosts of Origin 3 to LS2.

Since the customer was expecting a few Hosts of Origin1 on LS1, we added Origin1 to the LS1 mapping entry in the multitenancy mapping configuration of the spectrumgtw probe. Then all the UIM Hosts were modelled in the right landscape as per the final configuration settings.