Using batch FTP or SFTP to upload doc to Broadcom cases


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What are the upload methods that Broadcom works with ? So I can transfer I file(or dump) directly from mainframe to Broadcom.
We need to use secure FTP on some systems as regular FTP no longer works.


Release : 12.5

Component : MIM

Applies to all mainframe products


This document has the basics for opening a case, along with section 3.5.4 on sending doc to the case via FTP or SFTP

It basically says to use port 22 for SFTP or port 21 for FTP, which is standard.

It includes a link to what you really need, which is the Broadcom Case FTP Help Document

When you scroll down, there is a section  
FAQs About Transferring Files Without Using the Broadcom Support Portal

and another section with JCL examples titled
How do I transfer files to or from a mainframe securely?

That last section also includes the z/OS configuration needed for SSL, including the certificate you need from us to run it.
It also includes JCL examples for uploading and downloading the doc.