MSP Task hours change to 0 when replacing a resource
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MSP Task hours change to 0 when replacing a resource


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Issue with the replacement of resources in Microsoft Project (MSP) where hours are getting dropped when replacing the resource.

Example: You have a role or resource is assigned to a Task with 40 hours. When you select another another resource to assign to the task in MSP, the hours in MSP change to 0


Release : All

Component : Clarity Microsoft Project Integration


This is due to the resource that the role or resource being replaced with has max units set to 0%. Max units is pulled from the team members allocation for the current day the project is exported from Clarity (See Max Units on Resource Sheet in MSP), so if the resource's allocation on the team tab for today's date is 0, this will give them 0 max units in MSP. Therefore, when the replace is done, MSP sees the resource has no allocation / availability to work on the task and the hours get dropped. 

This will happen regardless of whether MSP Assignment Units Mapping with PPM Assignment 'Max % Load is checked or not in Clarity since this the project is now opened in MSP, and MSP owns how the task units are calculated (pulled from the Max units)


  1. Assign the resource allocation in Clarity for the current day.
  2.  Or, you can readd the hours back after doing the replacement of the resource. 

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