SV: Docker VSE is not running properly - Not authorized to monitor status of this resource


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Service Virtualization


We are starting to use Devtest for OpenBanking. That task is requiring to run DevTest on Docker.

1- We set up a new Docker VSE on a separated machine pointed to our current Registry.

2- This worked partially as you can see at the attached document:

2.1-- We cannot see this VSE on Server Health

2.2-- The VSE appears and disappears often on Portal

2.3-- We could deploy an RRPair and it is working

3--- Can we segregate VSEs under the same Registry per different teams for Groups? 





1. There was a Resource Group called OpenBanking.  The only resource in this group is the Dockerized VSE.
2. There was a Role called DevTest OpenBanking. The only permissions it had were Virtual Services Administration, Devtest Server Administration and DevTest Workstation.
3. The role is the the only one assigned to the Resource Group OpenBanking.
4. We added the Role Super User to the group. Removed role DevTest OpenBanking.
5. Logged out of the Portal.
6. Logged into Portal and no longer got the error.


Release : 10.6.3

Component : CA Service Virtualization


1. Gave all the same permissions as Super User role to role DevTest OpenBanking.
2. Went back to the Resource Group OpenBanking and removed Super User role. Added back role DevTest OpenBanking.
3. Go to IAM.
4. For every user you want to have access to the dockerized VSE, assign role DevTestOpenbanking to them. They will have to log out of the Portal and log back in.